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And Another Thing!

I have had it with dialysis, I have had it with someone somewhere deciding that they will give the masses enough dialysis to keep them alive but not enough to live.


I am Ticked

I think that we allow substandard care in dialysis because we didn’t know better, now we know better and we still allow it. That is inhumane.

Oh Canada – Your Pension Plan Sucks

I am on a disability pension. I receive 443$ a month. I have paid into CPP for 30 years. When I went on disability, I was told that when I was able to work, I would be retrained.


I spent half my life wanting everything to be normal, but what is normal. Normal to me is when I was healthy, happily married, and financially ok, all at once.

The Walk

We gathered, we laughed, we got new t-shirts, and we walked and walked and walked! 10k later my wonderful team made up of Melissa and Kyle (my kids) Marsha (Kyle’s gf) Courtney ( my cousin) Jolene (my new friend) and last but not least my BFF Lana, crossed the finish line and finished our first but not last Kidney Walk raising as a team total of over $1000.